Sunday, April 23, 2017

Like Tears in Rain

Inspired by Blade Runner(1982), to the brave and the kind.

It was a slow realization, that the world was not one made for the individual but one made for the majority. To the majorities tastes, to the majorities height and width, to the reality that is perceived to be true and written by the majority.

It was a slow realization, that though he was not in the wrong it would never be accepted so, not by the consciousness of a majority that has not yet grasped what he has as an individual, it will not be while it meant anything to him as an individual. It was him, as a solitary individual who had walked the path the majority had chosen for him, an individual’s consent means little against that of the majority and so he walked.

It was slow work, subjected to the rules set forth by the majority. He walked the path all the way to the house of his makers. He walked into the house feeling like a jar full of coins misplaced, never to be found or used. He wished to ask his masters for meaning, for a resolve, for retribution. He called out to the masters, He went from room to room looking for them but the house, once the marvel of the whole universe was now abandoned, ruined and infested by vermin.

It was a slow realization, that there will not be a resolve, no meaningful end, no win or retribution to all that he had endured, not for him the individual. He sat on the floor of the house of his masters and allowed the melancholy to wash over him. There he waited until the end of his days. He could have let his heart be poisoned with malice, instead he whispered a prayer to the world. He knew his fate, his memories as significant as they were to him, would be forgotten, lost in the isles of time, passed from the consciousness of a few to nothing. All his moments to be lost like tears in rain.